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Enter your current grade and desired grade to find out what grade you need in final exams.

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How does Final Grade Calculator work?

Using this Final Grade Calculator one can easily find out what they need to score in the final exams to get their desired final grade. If you wonder how exactly your final grade is calculated, find the explanation below.

What do you need?

  • Your current grade
  • Your target grade
  • Weightage of the final exam i.e how much percentage weight is applied to the final exam.

Once you have to above information, you can either use our Final Grading tool above, or if you want to do it manually, here is the formula:

Final Grade – Example Calculation

Final Grade Calculation Formula
(Desired Grade – (( 1 – (Weightage divided by 100)) x Current Grade)) / (Weightage divided by 100)

Using the formula above, let’s calculate our final grade.  For instance, our current grade is 50% and we are looking to get at least 60% in the final exams and the percentage weight of the final exam is 50%. Putting these in the formula above we’ll have 70% as a result

(60 – ((1-0.5)x50)) / 0.5 = 70%

Remembering the formula might not be an ideal solution for most of us including the teachers at school, so here is how simple it is to calculate the required grade using our Final Grade Calculator.

Final Grade Calculator

All you have to do is to enter the details in the calculator and press the Generate Final Grade button.

Back in school, I used to be in search of quick tips to improve my grades and easy ways to calculate grades, but I did not find anything simple to use and that’s how was made. I’ve also built other tools like EZ grader and Weighted Grade Calculator.

The sole purpose of creating this Online Final Grade Calculator is to help my fellow students as well as teachers to make it easier for them to calculate final grades. If you have any suggestions for the improvements to this tool, do let me know in the comment section below.

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